Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coffee Shop Etiquette

Working as a barista since I was 16 has made me realize that most people have no idea how to get good service from a cafe or what proper behavior is. So I've compiled a list that hopefully will help at least a few customers and baristas.

-If you're more than 10 years older than the baristas, DO NOT HIT ON THEM. I cannot stress this enough. Creepy old, OLD men are the worst. We're nice to you because it's our job, not because we want to sleep with you. I bet those guys also think strippers really like them too...

-On that note, if you must hit on the staff, TIP. The creepers are also usually the stingiest fuckers to come into our work.

-Never, EVER go behind the bar. It's amazing that this is even an issue.

-If there are bus bins, don't leave your dishes on the table. We do have to pick them up, but there is no quicker way to piss off a barista than to leave a huge mess. Especially true in busy cafes.

-If you fail to specify what kind of cup you want (paper or ceramic), we make it in a paper cup. If you requested a ceramic cup, but get your drink in a paper cup, don't throw a hissy fit. It stays warmer longer in a paper cup anyways.

-If we call out "nonfat latte", you ordered a nonfat latte, and there's only one drink on the bar, common sense dictates that it's YOUR nonfat latte. You don't need to ask.

-If you order one drink, like an americano (espresso in water), and we put up something like a mocha with whip, IT'S NOT YOUR DRINK. Use common sense!

-TIP. Seriously, the best way to get great service is to tip.

-BE NICE. The second best way to get great service. We'll still serve you, but won't do anything above and beyond. If you're really an asshole, we may just "accidentally" use whole milk or fully caffeinated espresso instead of nonfat or decaf.

-If you had to wait in line to order, you'll have to wait to get your drink. Most baristas make the drinks as fast as they can while still maintaining quality. If you don't give a shit about that, go to Starbucks.

-Don't bitch about prices. Local cafes can't order in bulk, but usually serve higher quality. Also, the staff can't do anything about it. We know it's expensive, but if it's that much of an issue for you, buy an automatic maker.