Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's no surprised that I got lost in your brown eyes

So we've gone from practically living together, to actually living together. This is so unbelievably weird. I'm so confused. It's been amazing. We just meshed together... But I think today I'm going to drag him off to the beach. Get away from his mom for a little bit. I'm staying in his guest room while his dad is away, and trying to help him and his mom out. I feel like that missing element has returned, or is trying to.

The amazing thing is I am getting my shit together staying here. I'm attending class, doing homework, getting to bed at reasonable times, waking up before noon, not smoking (cigarettes) or drinking or snorting or any of that, and I'm so fucking relaxed!! It's kinda weird. But I don't hate it. I love what he does for me..


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